Juicy, Tender, Fried-Chicken

Because it’s pressure-fried, Genuine Broasted Chicken is more tender, juicier, and flat-out tastes better than ordinary fried chicken – even better than other pressure fried chicken for that matter. Give it a Try at Your Next Event!



Fresh Mexican Food in Phoenix

Made Only With Fresh, Premium, Locally-Sourced Ingredients. Mouth-Watering Photo Worthy Tacos. Plus Scratch-Made Burritos, and Cheesy Quesadillas. Passed Down Family-Recipes.

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Wood Fired Pizza Truck

Pizza Catering

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially the wood-fired bubbly kind?

Serve up the fresh wood-fired pies that please crowds.


Corporate Catering

corporate caterers phoenix az

Corporate Caterers in Phoenix AZ

Our corporate casual catering menu offers a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites.

Designed with ease of ordering in mind this option is both attractive & affordable.

Executive Catering Options

Looking for something a little more upscale? Our corporate catering option offers a variety of everybody’s favorite dishes. Or, if you prefer, we’re always happy to customize a menu to your liking.  We’re only limited by our combined imaginations!

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Pretzel Truck Catering

Pretzel Catering in Phoenix, AZ

Fresh baked to golden brown deliciousness with just the right amout of salt. Serving fresh-baked pretzels, pretzel dogs, and handmade refreshments.

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Belgian Waffle Truck Catering

waffle caterers phoenix az

Waffle Trucks in Phoenix, AZ

Fluffy, golden brown waffles are the portable breakfast food seen around the world. Whether they’re paired with unique toppings, or drenched in creamy butter and sweet maple syrup, this beloved brunch dish has a variety of shapes, consistencies, and toppings that make them special in countries around the world.

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Dessert & Coffee Trailer Catering

Coffee & Pastry Catering

Serves cold foam cold brews, Italian espressos, and freshly roasted coffees from around the world.

Freshly baked pastries glisten in the display case and satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth.

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Angus Burgers – American Food Catering

Gourmet Burger Catering in Phoenix

Juicy gourmet cheeseburgers made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Freshly baked buns and thick premium cut bacon are time-tested crowd-pleasers.

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Louisiana Fish & Shrimp Fry

Get freshly fried catfish, shrimp, crawfish, and cod fillets deep-fried to golden brown perfection.

Pair these with hot out of the fryer french fries and homemade cole slaw.

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